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The importance for a model to keep an updated portfolio Is key to a successful career. When I booked my flight to Majorca Spain for my girlfriend’s birthday I immediately though of reaching out to Nicole Langolz. Nicole is a well known German photographer over Europe and United States who has been calling Majorca home for the last four years.

I am working on updating my model portfolio at the moment and I knew that the wildness, diversity and beautiful light on the island plus Nicole Langolz inspiration were great settings for a dramatic one of a kind shoot.

I wanted a photo shoot with Nicole because she manages to capture the essence of the person photographed and many models and celebrities alike line up to have their image eternalized by her.

Spontaneously Nicole and I decided to shoot at my friend’s villa in Majorca which is a wonderful location as you can see in the video below. I was so excited to shoot with her because her photography is amazing.

When Nicole arrived to the villa she was accompanied by Verina a very talented makeup artist who brought two big and heavy suitcases filled with makeup. Nicole wanted me to have a very natural look, not too much makeup and wavy beach hair. Working with Nicole was very fun because she loves to laugh and make jokes while dancing to hip hop beat. Nicole made me feel very comfortable and I felt that she knew exactly what she was doing all the time.

While I was shooting with Nicole other guest at the villa where decorating the patio because my friend’s birthday party was taking place the same day of my shooting. Nicole and I had to work a bit faster towards the end of the photo shot because I wanted to help with the birthday decoration and Nicole had a shooting by the beach with one of her clients.

At the end despite of the short time we had to shoot, Nicole and I managed to capture a couple of pictures and I am very happy with the results. I attached the final pictures and a behind the scenes video to this post. Let me know what you think and perhaps next time you go to Mallorca you can reach out to Nicole and she can capture an awesome picture of you.

If you like photography you should definitely check out  the photographers that inspired Nicole over the time of her career:

Peter LindberghNick Knight and Richard Avedon.

Fun fact about Nicole is that she is an outspoken animal activist. She owns 2 rescue dogs and three rescue horses.

To know more about Nicole Langholz Photography check out her website.

Follow Nicole Langholz on social media: Facebook & Instagram.

My quote of the day is  “Do something today that your future self with thank you for”.

Have a nice day and I hope you enjoyed my little post!

Big Kiss,


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