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Is there a very special person in your life whom you would love to share an unforgettable trip with? If your answer is yes, you have to travel to the unbelievably beautiful, unique and picturesque region of “Cinque Terre” in Italy.

The “Cinque Terre” is a rugged portion of coast in the Italian Riviera conformed of five magic villages in the Liguria region: Monterosso al MareVernazzaCornigliaManarola, and Riomaggiore.

Philippe and I like to travel to Italy as much as we can because its only a 1,5 hrs flight from Berlin, the food is delicious and the people are super funny and friendly. In two hours you are in a completely different world. First of all, I couldn’t have a better company to go to Cinque Terre than my husband, I feel like Cinque Terre is such a romantic place and it should be visited by all the couples who are in love.


My husband and I love road-trips so we decided that we fly to Milan where we rent a car and drive north for one hour to our first road-trip destination Lago d’ Orta for tree days. Lake Orta has long been a favourite among travellers, thanks to the quiet beauty of the landscape, its fascinating history and the clear crystal water. You can hang out all day on a boat doing water sports and having fun with your friends, enjoying the best ice cream and eating in authentic Italian restaurants.

In the second part of our road trip we drove from Lake Orta to the Tuscan Riviera “Forte dei Marmi” to meet with Philippe’s Italian family and friends to celebrate the public summer holiday “Ferragosto”. Forte dei Marmi is perfect for people who love walking around high-fashion “Made in Italy” boutiques, luxury hotels and restaurants. This popular fashionable beach town is my favourite place to tan all day long in Bagno Versilia and Bagno Nettuno.

After spending a couple of days celebrating in Forte dei Marmi in clubs like “La Capannina”, “Twiga” and “Niki Beach”. We drove from Forte dei Marmi to Cinque terre which is about one hour drive north and close to La Spezia.

I always like to read travel blogs and do my research before I travel to destinations since I like to visit the most trendy and hidden spots. If you are planning to visit Cinque Terre you have to visit a couple of my favourite spots, find all the details and pictures below.



Manarola is my favourite town of all because besides its breathtaking beauty its also quiet and romantic during the evening.

I would recommend to take a train to Riomaggiore eat a pesto pizza or frutto di mare pasta at Rio Bistrot Restaurant which is right by the water. Have a ice cream by the rocks while admiring the small town of Riomaggiore and the ocean. You can’t miss the “the love walk”  from Riomaggiore back t0 Manarola while watching the sunset.

For dinner our favourite restaurant in Manarola is Billy where we ate a delicious homemade pasta with lobster accompanied with white wine. The atmosphere was very Italian and cozy in between Manarola’s corridors.






Driving in Cinque Terra is very difficult because tourist don’t have a parking permit to park near the town. When we parked in Manarola we had to park very far from town and paid 2o euros. The next day we arrived to Vernazza where we were very lucky to find a parking spot free of charge about 15min walk to town.

The highlight of our time in Vernazza was hiking a three hours trail from Vernazza to Monterosso. At the first hill of the trail from Vernazza to Monterroso we had the best view over Vernazza. This trail is a proper workout and I recommend to bring a big bottle of water. While hiking the trail from Vernazza to Monterosso  you will enjoy a beautiful view over the cost and have a fun, adventurous and active day. By the way: The trail is more steep and difficult from Monterroso to Vernazza which is why I recommend you to take a train back to Vernazza.

Monterosso is the most crowded town since it has the best beach. Once we arrived in Monterroso after our tree hours hike we couldn’t wait to jump in the turquoise water and cool down. Philippe and I really wanted to have a ligerian picnic experience so we went to the local super market and bought mozzarella di buffola, focaccia bread, tomatoes, procciuto di parma and watermelon as a desert. Having a picnic in one of Monterosso’s hills while admiring the town was such a good idea.











Unfortunately, we could not spend more than three days in Cinque Terre which is why we didn’t visit Cornelia. I think this is my best excuse to go back to Cinque Terre and keep exploring this beautiful hidden towns. If you want to contribute and recommend me your favourite places in Cinque Terre – please comment below about your experience and highlights in Cinque Terre.

Many kisses and keep traveling,




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    Such a beautiful place with beautiful people its all feel be loved

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