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Mykonos is well known for being a trendy party island in Greece and my girlfriends and I were looking for relaxation for our first three days in Mykonos. Can you find relaxation in Mykonos? YES, we found it at Greco Philia Hotel outside of Mykonos town. We knew that after a couple days of long distance traveling and waking up early we would want to relax.

Once we arrived to Mykonos Port our complementary transportation, to the Greco Philia Hotel, was already waiting for us. The driver was very friendly and from what he was telling us he seemed to have been working at the hotel for many years. Our arrival to the hotel was wonderful, the entire staff was very friendly and welcoming.

Shortly we were given a tour around Greco Philia and my friends and I were amazed about how beautiful this boutique hotel was, the handmade artisanal decoration gave the hotel a very cozy touch. Later, I found out that Greco Philia hotel once was a family vacation house. The family made it their personal project to build new rooms every summer vacation. Once I heard these stories I loved knowing that I was staying at a hotel built with lots of love, fun memories and care for beautiful details. Definitely a unique and authentic Greek experience where classic tradition meets luxury.


My stomach is getting excited just by the thought of writing about the “FOOD and COCKTAILS”. The food at Greco Philia’s restaurant is fresh and beautifully decorated that you almost don’t want to touch it. However, once I finally tasted the food I couldn’t stop eating till the last bite. I took a picture of the fresh fish we ate on our first evening at the hotel, it was huge and beautifully plated, check it out it’s on the video attached to this article.

My personal highlight:

Did I mention that sunset time at Greco Philia’s Cliff bar is magical? We were having delicious cocktails while watching the sunset and if you take a look at the video below, you will know what I am talking about. I was amazed by the detail and time spent in each cocktail we were served, the bartenders at Greco Philia really knew what they were doing and as a result my friends and I had one of the tastiest cocktails ever.

In conclusion, if you want to spend a couple of days away from the tourist, party and noise from Mykonos Town I strongly recommend you to check out Greco Philia Hotel. You will be right by Elia’s beach spending quality time with your loved ones, eating great food and enjoying a majestic view to the Aegean ocean.

If you want to learn more about Mykonos stay tuned because I will be writing about Mykonos town hotspots and hotels in my next post.

Big kiss to all my wanderlust lovers,


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