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Bright white buildings, turquoise skies, tanned bodies, golden sandy beaches and summer party atmosphere. Does it ring the bell? Yes IT’S MYKONOS!!!. Mykonos is the most popular Greek Island in the Aegean Sea is all about energy and attracts a diverse and upscale crowd that thrives on its stylish nightlife.

Do you want to be active and explore the beach clubs, best sunset spots, restaurants and more? In this blog post I am going to share with you my personal favorite trendy places to experience in Mykonos. The subjects that I will be covering are: Where to stay, lounge, eat, go for sunset time and drinks in Mykonos.

Where to stay in Mykonos?


Design hotel “Cavo Tagoo Mykonos” it’s a five stars hotel located 1km away from the old town and offers a free shuttle to town 24/7. My friends and I experienced inmense peace, comfort and pleasure once we arrived at one of the world most beautiful and exclusive destinations in Mykonos, Greece. At Cavo Tagoo you will be treated like royalty plus you will get to do all the cool things imaginable like lounging all day by the pool, eating amazing food, enjoying one of the most famous sunsets in Mykonos, have the best refined Japanese dinner and later on Cavo Tagoo live DJ sets the mood for cocktails and dancing.

To read a complete article about my stay at Cavo Tagoo Mykonos check out my blog post  here.


If you are with a big group and prefer to rent a beautiful villa for 10 people with private pool, chef and driver I would strongly recommend you to stay at Leno Estate Villas (they are also on Airbnb).

I stayed at Leno Estate Villas for one weekend with an amazing group of friends from Los Angeles and enjoyed it till the end. Although I have to warn you that in Mykonos there has been multiple incidents with villas because of the thieves. Unfortunately, the thieves take advantage of the fact that people are partying outside and break in. One of the big reasons why the thieves break in the villas is because the guest leave the door unlocked. When you are with a big group always make sure to have the responsible friend carry the keys and make sure each room with valuables are locked.


If you want to spend a couple of days away from the tourist, party and noise from Mykonos Town and still have a magestic view to the Aegean ocean I strongly recommend you to check out the beautifully crafted boutique hotel “Greco Philia”. Greco Philia is located 25 min drive away from Mykonos town. One of the cool things about staying at Greco Philia is that you would be on top of a hill right by Elia’s beach, Elia’s beach its a great place to lounge all day.

I actually made a blog post and a video about Greco Philia Boutique Hotel last year, check our my experience here.

Where to lounge in Mykonos?


Elia is the longest sandy beach of Mykonos, fully organized, well-managed with many good quality sun beds and shades for rent (Sunbeds range from 15 – 30. Bargain, usually they will make a deal). At Elia beach you will find a nice crowd, crystal clear turquoise water, a wide choice of taverns and bars as well as water sports facilities such as water-skiing, parasailing and windsurfing. One corner of the beach is nude friendly and another area between the water sports rental section and the gay flag gets increasingly gay-popular.


I have great memories at Panormos, Principote because as soon as I arrived at the airport in Mykonos a group of friends from LA picked me up and we went directly to this elegant and unpretentious beach club. As soon as we arrived at Principote we were seated near the DJ booth not the beach so it was a party type of visit for my friends and I. Most of the people arrive at Principote early to tan all day. Pricipote is more of an experiece because it also offers a unique seaside gastronomy and a relaxed atmosphere that I strongly encourage you to see.


Nammos made a big impression on me because I could almost say that their restaurant has the best food I have ever tried in my life. I was so impressed by the food quality and the flavors, I will never forget that meal. Nammos is not only a restaurant, it’s a whole experience and it’s one of the trendiest places to be in Mykonos. The perfect day at Nammos would be to either request their Yacht service and take a tour on the Aegean ocean while tanning privately with your group of friends or to lounge all day at their beach beds service. Later on the day around 4pm enjoy an amazing meal at their delicious restaurant (let the waiter give you recommendations, their service is amazing). As soon as the sunlight starts to fade away this very stylish and chic restaurant transforms into a beach club, YES it becomes a big party and the champagne war begins. People hides their purses and phones, take their shoes off, sometimes they even take their clothes off and just leave a bikini on because of the champagne showers. Everybody is dancing on top of the tables just having the best time and I have to warn you, you will most likely get champagne all over you.

Where to eat in Mykonos?


Kiku is located at Cavo Tagoo and every evening this spot transforms into a refined dinner menu of Japanesse cuisine “Kiku Restaurant“. The exceptionally chic atmosphere of white awnings, calm pools of crystal clear water, and spectacular ocean vistas gives Kiku Restaurant an exciting Japanesse and Greek design fusion. You can be sure that you will enjoy a five stars dinner at one of the top hot-spots in Mykonos. After dinner, when the sunlight goes down Kiku’s live DJ makes the perfect atmosphere to drink cocktails and dance. I took some pictures of my dinner at Kiku restaurant, check the pictures out to get a better idea of how refined Japanese food can be here. 

Find a really cool and complete list of the best restaurants in Mykonos here. 

Where to go for sunset time and drinks in Mykonos?


Elysium is a gay friendly hotel located walking distance from Mykonos town. Elysium Sunset Bar is one of the best spots to watch the sunset and have a nice dinner. The coolest part is that after sunset Elysium presents the best drag show in Mykonos. The drag show is just amazing, the performers are very talented and the audience is really cool, cheerful and interactive. Definitely a good laugh to start the night in a good mood.

I made a really fun video about my time at Elysium sunset bar drag show, check it out here. 


Scorpios It’s located 20 min outside of Mykonos town and is the place to be on Sundays. I love the bohemian-chic kind of vibe. I feel like most of the people enjoying this venue are part of a really cool indian tribe. Scorpios venue evolutionates from day to night. During the day is very civilized and chic and as soon as late lunch hits the day Scorpios famous restaurant gets packed. I have to warn you, if you are with a big group be there around 3-4pm latest so you get a nice table and enjoy your lunch/dinner, in high season even if your group has already a table reservation you will most likely have to wait. Sunset time at Scorpios is magical and full of good vibes, perfect for pictures, you can’t miss it. As soon as the sunlight is gone the music starts to get louder and the beat escalates, Scorpios always gets amazing DJ’s so you will most likely have a great time listening to trendy deep house music. Many people would stay at Scorpios till the party is over but many others would move to a nightclub in town.


180 Degrees Sunset Bar has one of the best Sunsets with a view to Mykonos town and the Aegean ocean, truly priceless. Apparently this location is rented for multiple purposes like weddings, parties or just a mellow sunset bar evening. The evening I was at 180 degrees sunset bar there was a party going on. If I was you I would follow 180 degrees sunet bar on Instagram to stay tuned about when they will throw the next sunset party because believe me, it was so much fun. The DJ was playing deep house, everybody was dancing and having the best time while enjoying the bohemian atmosphere and view.

I hope you got inpired to visit any of my favorite spots in Mykonos.


Big kiss,




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