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If I could get married again I would totally wear one of Bibi Bachtadze’s designs. Not only because of her idealist and feminine style but because I could wear my wedding dress more than one time, YES MORE THAN ONE TIME! Your wedding dress or any dress doesn’t have to be a one-time piece. Do you want to know why?

Conscious living has finally started to become a real priority for the fashion industry and Bibi Bachtadze is going with it. After months of transitioning, Bibi Bachtadze has finally set the rules for the future of fashion.


Being a modern woman means living a modern lifestyle. The most innovative thing about Bibi Bachtadze’s designs is that she divides her dresses in several pieces instead of sewing all the pieces together. What does this mean? Most dresses are worn once and then forgotten about but Bibi Bachtadze’s designs are created to help us remember why we love timeless pieces in the first place. By purchasing less clothing and focusing more on quality, we waste less and make smarter purchasing choices. She helps us make conscious fashion decisions while still embracing our femininity. For example, the dresses my twin model friends and I are wearing in the pictures below can be broken down into several pieces – a long skirt can be transformed into a shorter skirt, a top can be divided into a strapless piece and a necklace shoulder piece, you get the idea? Bibi Bachtadze’s designs are versatile and can be worn as one entire piece or separately. This is how I would wear her designs… I would love to remove the skirt of my Bibi Bachtadze dress and wear the awesome top details with jeans and bomb shoes to make a daring look out of it, super FUN don’t you think?

Dresses: Bibi Bachtadze

Photography: Eugen Mai from C’EST LA WHAT

Twin models: Denise and Desire Balaz

Hair artist: Ryan Kelly

Make-up artist: Ana Jawid

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